The Black Gateの書籍/書籍名M〜S(The Black Gate)


by Clayton


The hierarchy of the peoples of Britannia follows a traditional order. Though little here is meant to be law, the entire content was compiled from observartiions made throughout the land. All citizens of Britannia, obviously, owe alleigance to the just and noble Lord British. The next in line to receive our respect are the members of the Great Council, which comprises one citizen from each town or city in Britannia.

Members of the Great Council are followed by the winged gargoyles, for they are highly educated and well-versed in all matters of life. Many a winged friend has supplied words of wisdom to a traveler venturing through Terfin. Just below the winged gargoyles follow the wonderous masses of humanity, without whom the economic and governmental aspects would collapse. These, of course, are followed by the less worldly, but quite, quite strong wingless gargoyles. Much of the impact upon our economic system has come from...



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