The Black Gateの書籍/書籍名A〜E(The Black Gate)


Translated from Gargish to Britannian by Jillian


All begins with the three principles: Control, Passion and Diligence. From Control springs Direction. From Passion springs Feeling. From Diligence springs Persistence. But these three virtues are no more important than the other five: Control combines with Passion to give Balance. Passion combines with Diligence to yield Achievement. And Diligence joins with Control to provide Precision.

The absence of Control, Passion, and Diligence is Chaos. Thus absence of the principles points toward the seventh virture, Order. The three principles unify to form Singularity. This is the eight virtue, but it is also the first, because within Singularity can be found all the principles, and thus all the virtues.

A circle has no end. It continues forever, with all parts equally important to the success of the whole. Our society is the same. It, too, continues forever, with all members (and all virtues) equal parts of the unified whole.



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