The Black Gateの書籍/書籍名F〜L(The Black Gate)


by Taylor


Though once the large, prosperous city of Justice, Yew has been swallowed by the Deep Forest. However, let not it be said that this turn of events was not by the will of the people. As the cities grew throughout the land, many found it difficult to continue peaceful existances as simple farmers and herders. More and more it became necessary to learn trades involving the exchange of goods and services, and the was considerably less instances of of self-sufficiency.

While most Britannian found this pleasing, there were those who wanted a return to the less mechanical side of life. And those same people, many of whom came from Yew, began to populate the Deep Forest. Though it will not be long before the growing cities and towns catch up to them, for now, many are able to lose themselves amongst the trees, the deer, and the Emps.

Oddly enough, very few people have actually encountered these ape-like creatures. Little is known about them, they seem to shun human contact. However, observations have revealed that they are definitely herbivores, nevering eating meat. The Emps forge homes from the wood of dead trees, and built shelters high up in the limbs of Silverleaf trees. Of course, Emps are not the only creatures who...


(Dai) ユーの森






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