The Black Gateの書籍/書籍名T〜Z(The Black Gate)


by Fordras


Within these pages thou wilt find the comparitive analysis of many of things we, humans, place in our bodies in the name of food. I will attempt to provide for thee information on what constitutes "good" food and what constitutes "bad," and will display the information by mentioning each type from best to worst, first in terms of nutritional value and second by taste.

A large chop of fine meat, including mutton, fowl, ham, or ribs, is by far the most nourishing. This does not include other forms of beef, however, for they are usually served in smaller portions. Pork and sausage are also lower on the proverbial "scale," for they are not quite as filling. In place of meat, I would recommend flounder, cheese, or potatoes, for they are also quite good for thee. In some instances, trout, fish and chips, and some breads will pass for a meal.

An egg and most any other fruit and vegetable, including: an apple, a banana, a carrot, a pumpkin, a bunch of grapes, and various cakes, will suffice in a pinch. However, despite its delectible taste and extravagant price, Silverleaf meals have absolutely no value on this chart at all. The moral is, my friend, never pass up meats when thou hast the chance to dine upon them!

Obviously, not everything that tastes good is nourishing. At the top of this list, I must put down Silverleaf. The taste is absolutely exquisite! Short of that, I recommend roast mutton with a lovely Minoxian glaze sauce. Add a potato as a side course, with the whole meal preceeded by a few raw vegetables, and thou truly hast a wonderful feast! For a second course, I would suggest...



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