The Black Gateの書籍/書籍名T〜Z(The Black Gate)


by For-Lem


Translated by Jillian

Within this diary is revealed the poor treatment of the gargoyle race since the return of the Codex two centuries ago.

"To have noticed that humans remain uncomfortable with us. They have given us our own island to populate, but is this gift designed to keep us segregated? To have wondered why so few gargoyles leave Terfin. To have no more doubts, having lived in Vesper. To see the hatred for our race. To see, to FEEL, the disgust. To understand not, for it was humans who destroyed OUR land, not gargoyles. To seek communication. To seek friendship. To seek trust. To speculate that none are forthcoming.

To ask the humans, "Why?" To see the terror and loathing and to know there will be no answer given. To hope for a future of harmony, but to realize that, with segregation, there can be none. To hope for education of both races, for our children and ourselves. To hope, and to live..."




フォー・レム著 ジリアン訳





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