[[The Black Gateの書籍]]/[[書籍名T〜Z(The Black Gate)]]

* TREES, AND THEN SOME! [#a434dd98]

by Ben

** 原文 [#z8681343]

Day seven: Today received yet another order for more logs.

Day eleven: I am amazed at how frequently people are requesting my services. There is no longer any doubt to the rumors of the rapid growth in Britannia's urban areas.

Day sixteen: Found new species of tree. Has silver looking leaves that sparkle and grow quite large. Size indicates that the trees live very long, but grow slowly.

Day twenty-eight: Had an odd request for a few of these new "Silverleaf" trees.

Day Forty: Number of requests for Silverleaf has nearly matched that of "ordinary" trees. Wonder what they could want them for.

I wonder why everyone has become so crazy for these special trees. I doubt even one so insane as Lord British's Chuckles would pass these off as any sort of precious metal, though if anyone would, we all know it would be the man who carries so much weight with Lord British (the weight of wine bottles, that is).

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